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polith: remixes, by Idiotek

you can already download my new ep, consisting of two remixes and three new songs.

listen/purchase: Mercury (Single) by Theo Watkins

the new single from theo watkins included in his new album ‘strangers’

i want you to remix my song

yes, i’ll soon release a remix & b-sides ep and i’m asking for people to remix my song polith, which you can download at high quality clicking this link (just put 0 euros in the price if you want).

sadly there are no stems so i’ll value your work and you’ll be featured on the credits.

of course you are also encouraged to remix any of my other quadrat songs, choose the one you like clicking here.

many thanks

theo watkins & idiotek: new song

hi. some time ago i collaborated with an artist called theo watkins on a song called ‘Mercury’.

this song, along with other 15, will be released on a new album of his, ‘Strangers’, on 26 june. but you will be able to hear it two days before, on 24 june, in a livestream of the album on mixlr.

i expect you there! here’s the tracklist

1. Ice Textures On Pixelations
2. Quadrilateral
3. Junctions
4. Delusion 
5. Kaleidoscope
6. Bankai!
7. Hypothermia 
8. Mercury (feat. Idiotek)
9. Echo Complex
10. Pulling The Strings
11. Pretty Beach
12. Under And Over 
13. Am I Still Here?
14. Sky
15. Oracle
16. Red Fog And Blue Haze

music is nature


may 2014

may 1.

new videoclip.

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i’ve made an interview for a mexican radio station. i’ve been talking about the recording process of ‘quadrat’, my inspirations and the future of the project. it’s in spanish but soon i’ll put subtitles.

hi. i’ve made an album. it’s called ‘quadrat’.

you can download it here:

hope you enjoy. cheers.